How to Talk to Girls You Like Online and at Bars

Imagine what it would be like to walk up to a girl and instantly hit it off. You know the right words to say, and she’s holding onto every word. It sounds like a fantasy right?

We’ve all seen it happen before. We’ve even been envious of those guys that seem to get the woman effortlessly.

However, what if I told you there was a way how to talk to girls you like? Here are five tips that can teach you how to speak to a girl successfully.


Show Honesty

Being honest is necessary for both online and in-person conversations. While you may be tempted to exaggerate your job or hobbies, it can end up backfiring on you.

When talking online, you should use a recent photo of yourself. Avoid trying to use a fake image in your profile. A simple image search can expose you and end any attempts to start a conversation.

Be Yourself

The easiest way to start up and maintain a conversation is to be yourself. If you share some information about yourself, it can help the two of you find something in common to talk about.

Try to ask her some questions that can help to keep the conversation going. Some examples include pets, hobbies, and other light topics. After a bit of talking, follow the conversation flow.

Find common interests

Ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation moving. These types of questions allow them to open up the dialogue and also helps you to learn more about them.

Sometimes you’ll feel as though there’s nothing in common to talk about. After a while of talking, you may find a common interest that you didn’t think of. Keeping an open mind can help with finding topics.

What do you do about silent moments? The best solution is to keep the conversation moving. You can start on a new topic or bring in some humor if appropriate for the moment.

If you’re uncertain about what to talk about, go for a walk together. You can often find new topics to talk about from your surroundings, and it allows you to spend additional time together.

Show interest

When you talk to girls, take an interest in their part of the conversation. Most of the discussion should be focused on hearing what they have to say. Once you’ve found some common ground, you can relate to her easier.

Try to respond throughout the conversation. You can show that you’re listening to the discussion. Yes and no responses can be helpful when used appropriately as well.

One method of showing that you’re listening is to rephrase some of her statements with an agreement. This can show that you’re paying close attention to her words.

Accepting rejection

Not every conversation you start with girls will end successfully. This can happen when you talk to them online or in person.

As long as you tried to start a conversation and was respectful, there is nothing to regret.

When you learn how to talk to girls online, you can strike up a great conversation only for it to end after a few messages. The anonymous nature of the web gives people the opportunity to disappear without notice.

The best thing to do is to move on with your life and try to stark up a conversation with other women when you feel ready.

So what is the secret on how to talk to girls you like? The truth is that there’s no magic formula on how to talk to girls online or in person.

However, there’s a silver lining. You’ve had the key to talk to girls all along. That key is yourself, and the only way to find that special someone is to go out and look.